Extreme Dating

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Layouts Warp comes with a sophisticated layout system to create any kind of sidebar Dалее ---->

Layouts Warp comes with a sophisticated layout system to create any kind of sidebar Dалее ---->


The rules of Extreme Dating are very simple:

Charm of Extreme dating parties is in the idea to create the most comfortable conditions for acquaintance for the maximum number of participants. For this reason, whatever was the scenario of a concrete party, in it's basis – the philosophy of fast appointments allowing each guest to relax and derive pleasure from communication.

1. If you have desire to come to us, it's better to be registered previously. The Extreme Dating team responsibly approaches to the organization of evenings of acquaintances, considering features of age and various social status of participants. Preliminary registration for a party allows us to select people of one age group and the equal social status potentially interesting for each other. So there are no misalliances on our appointments.

2. To confirm the participation, to answer a call of our manager. Each participant is dear to us. Therefore we hope that you will have for us a free evening and your plans won't change!

3. To come at time in the specified cafe or club. Extreme Dating very carefully selects places for parties. The interior of cafe or club has something in common with the general concept of action, helping to create the necessary spirit.

4. At a clothes choice for a party to be guided, first of all, by neatness and convenience if the scope of action doesn't provide other. The task of parties in a format of fast appointments – to allow each participant to reveal and show his or her personality as much as possible in all beauty. And clothes play a considerable role here. Accurate things will help you to feel yourself confident and not to look like a "black sheep". It is necessary to approach a choice of clothes with all responsibility. The clothes have to be habitual for you, allowing you to feel yourself naturally. However, extravagant dresses on evenings of speed dating aren't forbidden. You can always emphasize the identity, having put on yourself something bright and memorable.

5. To be friendly adjusted to other participants of a party. This, perhaps, main rule of our parties! The good mood and affability of each guest are pledge of successful acquaintances. You don't spoil mood to yourself and another. Be polite and open, and it surely will be pleasant to other participants.

6. Before the direct beginning of a party attentively listen to leaders who will remind you the rules of speed dating.

So, once again:
10 — 20 representatives of the stronger and weaker sex;
5-7 minutes for communication with each one;
we mark out the pleasant interlocutors in the questionnaire of sympathies;
after the end of a party we continue communication with the people who were pleasant to you;
we leave home in good mood and we wait from manager for contacts of new acquaintances who showed to you mutual sympathy.

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